Sea Wind Shipping

We offer a full service agency in the port of Constanta, with an administrative and commercial capacity that offers quality ship agency services and allows you to benefit from consistent services and uniform reporting.

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Ship Agent

Sea Wind Shipping is providing full time ship agency services at the Port of Constanta.

Our general purpose is to establish long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our clients based on honesty and decency and to offer high-quality services for the most competitive prices in the market.

The extensive experience of our employees, together with our quality of service and high-level professionalism, allows Sea Wind Shipping the opportunity to provide you with service exceeding the industry standards and to offer accurate informations regarding port tariffs and facilities, updated vessel’s situation, law in force and all necessary assistance during the vessel’s stay in the port.

Port Agency Services:

  • Competitive Disbursement Accounts, accurate Pro-Forma D/A’s
  • Arrival and Departure Arrangements,
  • Daily vessel operations, onshore and offshore
  • Loading and Discharging Attendance,
  • Liaison with Authorities and Communications Assistance,
  • Monitoring of Vessel Operations,
  • Crew changes and visa management (work and transit)
  • Crew handling: shore passes, hotel bookings, travel arrangements,
  • Crew Medical Assistance,
  • Cash to Master Deliveries,
  • Bunkers & Lubricants Supply,
  • Freshwater, Spare Part Supply,
  • Motorboat and Car Service,
  • Underwater Inspection and Fixing Service,
  • Coordination of Class Attendances,
  • Special Projects and Logistics coordination on vessels

Sea Wind Shipping is responsive and ready to face all kinds of your challenges 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year because understand the needs of ship owners and managers regarding crews, offer selection, training, placement and mobility solutions adapted for each company