Sea Wind Shipping

We offer a full service agency in the port of Constanta, with an administrative and commercial capacity that offers quality ship agency services and allows you to benefit from consistent services and uniform reporting.

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Sea Wind Shipping is specialized in chartering vessels, on behalf of shipowners,to the sea and river carriage of several types of cargoes such as dry bulk cargo, steel scrap, minerals, grain, etc.

Our chartering department follows and studies the market frequently, working as a chartering broker in various owners, brokers and charterers communities all around the world. In this way, we are constantly up to date with the latest cargoes and the most competitive freight rates in order to satisfy the needs of our customers, always offering them the best solutions.

Presently, Sea Wind Shipping works directly with over 30 shipowners who have vessels between 3500 dwt and 32000 dwt, thing that allows us to offer tonnages for any type of shipping transportation with cargoes such as bulk grain, BB grain , laminates, chemicals (fertilizers), project cargo, etc.

As a ship broker, Sea Wind Shipping is at your entire disposal with the following services:

  • Fixing / hiring shipping carriage by the sea from and to Constanta Port
  • Fixing / hiring shipping carriage from / to any ports in the Black Sea, Marmara, East Med, West Med, Continent, etc.
  • Acting as a broker between charterers and shipowners in order to arrange the shipment
  • Tracking and coordinating loading / discharging operations of the vessel and also supervising the entire voyage
  • Negotiating terms of the charter party including the cargo, as well as the freight rate on behalf of the client / shipowner
  • Ensure that the vessel is able to load the goods in a safe way, without causing damage- Is directly involved along the hole voyage, ensuring the right collection of freight.

Sea Wind Shipping offers companies and charterers the opportunity to outsource ocean transportation requirements for bulk carriers and containers. In addition to port-to-port coverage of freight, we offer shipowners integrated service packages that include ocean transportation, ship agency, stowage, customs clearance and land transportation to the final destination, for both single and multiple cargoes.