Sea Wind Shipping

We offer a full service agency in the port of Constanta, with an administrative and commercial capacity that offers quality ship agency services and allows you to benefit from consistent services and uniform reporting.

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Project Cargo

From transporting an entire installation for assembly , to delivering prefabricated fragmented structures, Sea Wind Shipping can deliver any type of cargoes, even oversized to all customers involved in the construction of industrial projects because it has the necessary resources to support projects cargo of any type from concept to completion no matter how large or non-standard your goods are. We coordinate the safe storage, transhipment and transport by road, rail and sea.

The complexity of handling project cargoes requires close long-term partnerships and constant communication throughout the supply chain. These issues are essential to the way Sea Wind Shipping operates.

Our services also include shipping, storage, customs clearance and tax representation through a global network of specialists. These strong relationships, plus integrated communications systems allow each of our quality services to be tailored to your individual specifications.